Saturday, July 22, 2017


I first learned about Calm Keeper as I was browsing through the web, doing research on ADHD.  Although my child does not have ADHD, there are many times when it sure feels that way with the lack of attention and lack of focus and hyperactivity.  I am also well aware that 10 year old boys and kids in general have a lot of energy. 

Nonetheless,  I always try to find natural ways to help my family, with vitamins or supplements.   What I love about Calm Keeper (for children) is, first off, is the adorable packing that is visually-appealing but the main reason, of course, is that it is a "homeopathic formula that promotes relaxation and helps treat restlessness, irritability and inability to concentrate."  These are the exact symptoms that I am trying to address with my child.  Calm Keeper is great because they come in small pills that are tasteless (and I mean that in a good way) as my child doesn't like strange flavors in his vitamins. 

It doesn't have any lactose or artificial coloring and it's gluten-free! It is also made with a variety natural ingredients, one of them I like is, Chamomilla.  It is not something that makes my child fall asleep or get groggy. 

It simply helps to literally keep calm!

Friday, July 21, 2017

If you have been watching the news recently, you've probably heard that U.S. Senator, John McCain has been diagnosed with brain cancer.  He has a brain tumor called a Glioblastoma, which is the most aggressive type of brain tumor. It originates in the brain; it does not spread there from another part of the body. The cause is not known.
If you've read my blog previously or know me personally, you know that I am a brain tumor survivor. When I hear of a diagnosis like that of Senator McCain, it takes me back and reminds me of how blessed I am. Don't get me wrong, I am grateful every day for my health and my life but when you hear news like this, that can be rather devastating, it just makes you extra grateful. 
I am aware of just how lucky I was to have the outcome I did regarding my brain tumor, and for that I am forever grateful! I am especially grateful for the doctors who treated me and specifically, my neurosurgeon, Dr. Ricardo Komotar!

"Dr. Komotar is an internationally recognized leader in the field of brain tumors and performs nearly 700 procedures for these conditions each year using advanced cutting-edge surgical/radio-surgical techniques, making him one of the highest volume brain tumor surgeons in the world."  
Honestly, Dr. Komotar is not only a brilliant neurosurgeon, he genuinely cares about his patients and is passionate about what he is doing. I knew from the moment I met him that he was the guy for the job! He absolutely knows what he is talking about and is an expert in his field. There is an instant connection and good vibe when you meet him and you know right away, you are in good hands.  Hopefully, you will never have to go through any of this but in my experience, I could not have asked to be in better hands, or at least my brain anyway! LOL!
Below is a video of some amazing technology, where Dr. Komotar and his colleagues perform an awake craniotomy on a man diagnosed with a glioma. That is a general term used to describe any tumor that arises from the supportive (“gluey”) tissue of the brain. This tissue, called “glia,” helps to keep the neurons in place and functioning well.

(WARNING: If you have get queasy easily, do not watch video)
 Emmy-Nominated video on extracting a deadly brain tumor.

No matter what you have gone through in your life or are going through, remember to always have an attitude of gratitude!



Summer vacation is in full swing and for many that means traveling with your family (including the furry members!) Just like the rest of your traveling companions, it’s important to keep your dog happy and healthy wherever you go this summer. Sometimes a checklist can be helpful when getting your pup prepared for vacation. 
For example, if you’re traveling by plane your check list should include:
  • Travel crate
  • Veterinary paperwork
  • Pet accommodation confirmation
For those planning trips closer to home, it’s equally important to make sure your four-legged friend is comfy in the car. Some things you might want to keep handy for your road trip are:
  • Water bottle & bowl
  • Food
  • Waste bags

For even more tips on check out this graphic PuppySpot put together laying out all the necessary precautions for your summer travels!

With the right preparations, traveling with your pup can make for a fun and relaxing vacation! Who better to travel with than man’s best friend anyway? If you’re feeling inspired to bring along a dog on your next trip, these puppies for sale make for great travel buddies!

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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

If you have young children you know how difficult it can be to get them to not spill food and drinks when they are eating. Most of the time is spent saying, "be careful you don't spill it," or "hold your drink with two hands.  Personally, I don't like when my kids eat or snack anywhere else other than the kitchen but reality is, sometimes, we do let our kids have a drink while watching TV or if they are older, even playing a board game or something close to the furniture. Well, this creative mom, came up with a solution for all of us for no spills! The Cup Cozy Pillow.

As a work from home mom she could never find a way to keep her drink close to her and safe from spills, so she invented a pillow to hold the drink. Pretty clever, if you ask me! 

It was such a success that she decided to go public with it and is available on Amazon.  The pillow is awesome because it is so simple and convenient to hold your drink. Not only is it practical, but it has a neat contour shape and has covers that are removable and washable. Other cup holders can only be used by one person or in certain locations. The Cup Cozy Pillow can be used anywhere and by the whole family at the same time! If you drink from a cup, you need a Cup Cozy Pillow!

The Cup Cozy Pillow is perfect for moms who are tired of cleaning up spills! It's the easiest, most convenient way to keep your drinks close to you and safe from spills. 

It is a brilliant idea that was actually put into great use! Thumbs up on the pillow and for this mompreneur for following through on her idea!


As we all know, parenting is no easy task and being a mom, I think is an even tougher job at times because we play so many different roles in the lives of our children. I think it can be said that being a mother is one of the most rewarding and yet exhausting jobs we will ever have. At the same time, each day is filled with happiness and a love that is so pure and beautiful.

That is not to say that it is not also extremely difficult too! And being mom to more than one child is an even tougher job!

Recently, I came across this beautiful framed hand-painted calligraphy with the inscription: "There's a Special Place in Heaven for the Mother of Two Boys".

"There's a special place in Heaven
for the Mother of two boys"

In addition, this site also offers other family quotes and sayings for yourself or gift giving.

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Friday, July 14, 2017


Sidewalk Chalk Subtraction

Too many children, practicing subtraction involves scratching a pencil around on a piece of paper while yawning with boredom. Make subtraction practice more fun with this outdoor review game!

What You Need:
  • Sidewalk chalk
  • Yardstick or measuring tape
  • Bean bags

What You Do:
  1. Draw a chalk grid on a driveway or patio. The grid should have at least 25 squaresfive down and five across– with each square being about a foot across. You can use a yardstick or measuring tape in order to make the squares more exact.
  2. Write one number in each square of the grid. The numbers can be as high as you would like, based on the level of subtraction that children playing the game have mastered. For example, a child who is just starting to learn subtraction should have only one-digit numbers in the grid. A child who has become proficient in subtracting three-digit numbers from each other can have very large numbers in the grid. Make sure that there are no clusters of all large or all small numbers anywhere in the grid.
  3. Make a chalk line about six feet away from the grid. (You can make the line closer or farther, depending on how well the children can throw.)
  4. Give each child two bean bags.
  5. Instruct children to throw their bean bags on the grid and take note of the numbers they fall on. Children should then subtract the smaller number from the larger number to get their final score for the round.
  6. Play four more rounds, adding to their previous score at the end of each round. The child with the highest score at the end of five rounds wins the game!

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Do you have young children that are always asking to use your electronic device? I know I do! I've discovered that one of the best tablets out there for kids, is the Fire tablet from Amazon and now they have an All-New Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet, 7" Display, 16 GB.
It is honestly, such a great deal. First, it looks great and it comes with 1 year of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited, and a Kid-Proof Case, plus a 2-year worry-free guarantee. There are plenty of options on colors for the kids case.

It is not intended to be used as a toy. It is a real tablet, with a 7" IPS display, 16 GB internal storage, and up to 8 hours of mixed-use battery life. And you can always add more storage if you wanted to.'s the part I love. It comes with a 2-year worry-free guarantee: if they break it, you simply return it and Amazon will replace it for free. No questions asked.

The one year of FreeTime Unlimited gives your kids access to 15,000 popular apps and games, videos, books, and educational content from PBS Kids, Nickelodeon, Disney, and more.

If your kids are old enough and you are okay with it, you can even add Netflix, YouTube, and Minecraft.
The Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet offers parental controls that allow you to manage usage limits, content access, and educational goals.

In my opinion it is honestly a great deal for all the great features it offers plus the warranty and free time unlimited! 


If you’re looking for the perfect present for your perfect princess, you’ll have discovered by now that little girls aren’t always easy to buy for! They say little girls are made of sugar and spice and all things nice, but they’re also in and out of anything and can go from angel to diva at the drop of a hat.

However, there are some foolproof gifts which will be sure to delight your little girl and withstand the ever-changing fashions and trends - here’s a roundup of five!

Doll’s pram
Doll’s prams make a great gift for any little girl who loves dolls and soft toys. Although most children enjoy the simple notion of pushing around prams, doll’s prams also fall hand in hand with other toys to heighten the enjoyment of dolls and teddies both new and old.

Doll’s prams also allow little girls to imitate their parents and other adults in their lives too, which can be exceptionally beneficial for their development - you can even use dolls prams to help your little princess to prepare for a new brother or sister.

With so many dolls prams on the market, you really do have your pick of quality. You could go for a cheap and cheerful pram, or you could even go for a really realistic Silver Cross dolls pram from Play Like Mum.

Tea set
Engaging in pretend play is so important for little ones and tea sets are a perfect way to encourage this. Much like with dolls prams, it’s really up to you how much you invest into a tea set; you can buy cheap and cheerful ones or splash out on quaint yet durable ones which could be passed down through generations.

Personalized Peppa Pig book
For an extra special touch, personalization makes a lovely addition to a gift and any lover of Peppa Pig will adore a personalized Peppa Pig book. If you thought Peppa Pig couldn’t get any better, brace yourselves because you can now make your little one a character in a Peppa book and it’s as easy as pie.

Not only will this gift further encourage your little girl to get involved with reading, but it will also give the simple gift a whole lot of sentimental value. With these books, you can personalize a character to have the same name as and look just like your daughter so that she will have the ultimate immersive experience when reading.

Balance bike
Particularly for younger children, balance bikes are a great gift to help build confidence with cycling. Learning to ride a bike is a huge moment in a child’s life and, with a balance bike, the process will be made a lot easier and more enjoyable.

Balance bikes, such as this Wiggins Pau Balance Bike, are only gaining in popularity and you can get hold of them from most popular bike shops.

Building blocks
A common theme among young children is that, once they realize that they can balance one block on top of another, they never want to stop building. Soon you’ll have a floor covered in building blocks and Legos or a toddler trying to build a tower all the way to the ceiling.

What’s great about building blocks is that you can adapt them to make them age appropriate for your child. Younger children who have a habit of putting things in their mouths can be gifted soft plastic blocks, whereas older children can be given more complex structures.

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Working with children in the creative industry can be a challenge; from tears and tantrums to unbelievably high energy levels and difficulty concentrating, children can seem like more hassle than they’re worth. However, kids bring a unique charm to productions and can add an extra special touch to whatever it is that you’re working on.

Children and bad behavior often fall hand in hand and, if you’re struggling to get the best out of your little superstars, you’ve come to the right place because we’ve put together a quick guide to getting kids to behave in front of a camera.

Pay attention to patterns in their energy levels
Children are unable to regulate their energy levels in the same way that adults can; have you noticed that one moment they could bouncing off the walls and the next they could be having a tantrum because they’re overtired?

Particularly with younger children, you have to be mindful of their energy levels if you want to get the best out of them on camera. If the child still has regular nap times, be aware that they shouldn’t be on camera during that period of the day or they may become irritable and more likely to misbehave.

We spoke to Filming With Kids who said: “The best way to accommodate for children’s fluctuating energy levels is to simply get to know each child before working with them. Pay attention to any patterns in their energy and adjust your shooting schedule accordingly.”

Hire a baby wrangler
Camera work often involves long days doing take after take to get the desired product which can be extremely tiring work, especially for children. Tired or bored children are much more likely to misbehave than those who are kept entertained and, for that reason, whether you’re working with one child or ten, it’s always a good idea to hire a baby wrangler.

‘Baby wranglers’ - otherwise referred to as ‘child wranglers’- can be endlessly beneficial when it comes to shooting with children. It’s their job to entertain children during the more boring times when they’re not shooting and to provoke the desired reactions out of them when they are.

Create a reward system
Using a reward system to encourage children to behave is an almost sure-fire method and that’s no different on set. Rewarding the child for their good behavior such as sitting still and being quiet when required will not only encourage them to keep up their good work, but it will also lift their spirits during the long day.

If you’re lacking some inspiration for a suitable reward system, check out this post on the jar and cotton ball method.

Be prepared
When working with a child - or, indeed, anyone - it’s your responsibility as photographer or director to keep them happy. This involves feeding them properly throughout the day and, with children, providing them with toys and games or a baby wrangler.

If you’re unsure about how to provide adequate food on set, check out this post for some pointers.

Monday, July 10, 2017


If you love to run or train on your bicycle here is a perfect way to stay safe while doing so. Light Up Turning Signal Gloves, Zackees allow you to signal to traffic without having to worry,

These light up gloves are water-resistant with spandex and the fleece liner keep your hands toasty warm, even in rain and snow. Zackees award-winning Turn Signal Gloves are the hottest innovation in cycling lights that allows you the ability to communicate turning intentions to other vehicles on the road. Zackees are also great for runners.  Often times people who run, like to do so at dusk or night time and sometimes they run along the side of the street where there is a flow of traffic. These light up gloves allow you to let drivers know where you are going.

The lights on the Zackee gloves are surprisingly bright even with such a small battery because the LEDs are the most efficient on the market at converting power into light. The gloves can run up to 3 weeks of moderate use, after that you just plug it into your charger.  The Zackees are also conveniently machine-washable. All you have to do is remove the batteries, wash it and then let it dry (naturally.)

So not only do these gloves look super cool, they are very efficient.

Check out the Zackees in action:

Try a pair on your next bike ride or run!

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