Thursday, May 18, 2017


Are you tired of constantly misplacing your keys or cell phone?  Do your kids always say they can't find something?  I know in my house, it's the keys or the television remote that is always somehow "missing."

While researching unique gifts to buy for upcoming Father's Day, I came across this cool gadget called the TrackR Bravo.  I read the product description and watched the video they have up on Amazon and I loved it!

It is not only a great idea to track your stuff but I love that it works two ways. For example, if you lose your keys, using your cell phone (with the TrackR app,) it can detect where your cell phone is and if by chance you lose your cell phone, you press a button on the TrackR and your cell phone will ring, even when it is on silent!  How cool is that?

I will definitely be buying a couple of these for Father's Day gifts and I think I am getting one for myself as well!


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